Videographer Robert Mirea

Videographer Robert Mirea

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About me

Price range:Standard
My cameras which I use: Sony Mirrorless.
Step into the world of timeless love stories, where every frame holds the magic of eternity. I am Robert - an enthusiast, a storyteller, a dedicated protector of your precious memories and a passionate seeker of true emotion. As your wedding videographer, it's a joy and an honor I deeply cherish. Each wedding video is crafted with love, aiming to capture the essence of your special day.
Join me on this heartfelt journey, where together, we will create cherished memories that reflect the beauty of your unique love story.
Member WEVSY.COM since March 4, 2023


Romania AwardPeople Choice1st place 2023
Romania AwardBest Social Edit2nd place 2023
Romania AwardBest Sound Producer3rd place 2023
Romania AwardBest Love Story3rd place 2023
Romania AwardBest Colorist4th place 2023