Videographer Evgeny Hollywood

Videographer Evgeny Hollywood

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About me

Price range:Standard
My cameras which I use: Canon Mirrorless, Sony Mirrorless.
⚪️ Wedding videographers
⚪️ Russia, Europe, USA
Hi i’m Evgeny Hollywood.
But why Hollywood? From the age of 7 I began to pick up a video camera and shoot, shoot, shoot, involving my friends and like-minded people in this process. And so, in my teens, I was given a nickname that I can’t part with to this day. And anyway, as you name the boat, so shall it float.
I like to watch people, so, mostly I shoot in a reporting style, but I’m not squeamish of a staged video, as I consider it to be a film art. My favorite films are “Melancholia”, “The Color of Pomegranates”, “Froth on the Daydream”. I like surrealism, mysticism and contemporary art. Recently, I’ve visited more than 30 countries, shot a large number of wedding videos, met incredible, creative, talented people. And maybe you are reading this text for a reason...
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Russia AwardBest Videographer1st place 2022
Russia AwardBest Video Editor1st place 2022
Russia AwardBest Engagement1st place 2022
Russia AwardSave The Date1st place 2022
Russia AwardBest Colorist2nd place 2022
Russia AwardBest Highlights2nd place 2022
AwardBest Videographer5th place 2022
AwardBest Colorist3rd place 2022
AwardSave The Date3rd place 2022
AwardBest Highlights4th place 2022
Italy AwardContest 2022Super-Judge