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Videographer Lot Trzmiela Films

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Price range:Premium
My cameras which I use: Sony DSLR, DJI Drone.
There are days when everything falls out of my hands, but there is one thing that I never let go of - it's my camera. I like to hear more than to be listened to. And because I watch everything carefully, I feel the most bumblebee in my life. I made a film report from the rescue operation of my drone which hung on the crown of a tree near Jelenia Góra, and after a few months I made my first wedding there. If it was not for this situation, it is quite possible that you would not read this text and wedding films would not become my way of life. Film reportage is part of my life and I am here to make people who watch my films smile and feel emotional. I love and feel what I do and in combination with the music, without which I cannot live, miracles happen. Every day there is different and each time my couples look at each other differently
creating unique moments.


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