About me

Price range:Premium
My cameras which I use: Panasonic Mirrorless.
I'm Bogdan D., a visionary filmmaker, possesses a unique ability to capture the essence of humanity through the lens of his camera. With a profound skill for peering into the depths of the human soul, Damian Films goes beyond the surface, delving into the intricate tapestry of emotions and experiences that define each individual.
His cinematic artistry extends beyond mere storytelling; it becomes a profound exploration of the human condition. Through the lens, Damian unveils the intricacies of emotions, laying bare the raw and authentic moments that often escape the naked eye. His keen perception allows him to not only document events but also to reveal the subtle nuances of the human spirit, creating a visual narrative that resonates on a deeply emotional level.
Damian's films are a testament to his commitment to capturing the unspoken language of the soul. Each frame tells a story, not just of characters and events, but of the complex emotions and inner worlds of the people he port
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Romania AwardBest Videographer3rd place 2022
Romania AwardBest Video Editor5th place 2022
Romania AwardBest SDE-maker1st place 2022
Romania AwardBest Colorist2nd place 2022
Romania AwardBest Walk4th place 2022
AwardBest SDE-maker5th place 2022
AwardBest Highlights5th place 2022
Central EuropeAwardContest 2022Super-Judge