About me

Price range:Premium
My cameras which I use: Sony Mirrorless.
I love the simplicity of small gestures.
I am an observer and therefore I like to wait for actions to unfold in order to catch unexpected actions and spontaneous emotions.
Over the years, my concept of telling true stories, and therefore different and original, has opened me up to a varied and singular reality.
There is nothing stereotypical about what I try to achieve.
Every wedding has its own specific characteristics.
But, despite their diversity, each story is linked by a single denominator: the attempt to capture reality and bring back to life at every moment, with the same emotion and intensity, all the memories of one of the most beautiful days in life.
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Italy AwardBest Video Editor4th place 2022
Italy AwardBest Walk3rd place 2022
Italy AwardBest Sound Producer4th place 2022
Romania AwardContest 2023Super-Judge
Spain AwardContest 2022Super-Judge
AwardContest 2022Judge