Videographer Ca-n Filme

Videographer Ca-n Filme

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About me

Price range:Premium
My cameras which I use: Sony Mirrorless, Sony DSLR, DJI Drone, GoPro Action Cam.
Totul a pornit de aici: pasiune pentru film si fotografie! Astfel, am reusit ca la toate evimentele la care am participat sa surprindem momente fericite din viata multor cupluri.
Member WEVSY.COM since October 13, 2022


Romania AwardBest Pilot4th place 2023
Romania AwardPeople Choice5th place 2023
Romania AwardBest Cameraman3rd place 2022
Romania AwardBest Colorist5th place 2022
Romania AwardBest SDE-maker5th place 2022
Romania AwardBest Engagement5th place 2022