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Videographer Hey Folks Films

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About me

Price range:Standard
My cameras which I use: Sony DSLR.
I didn't always know what, but I always knew that I wanted to create something. It was not on my way with my dreams of being a firefighter or a policeman. It took me some time to find my own way and an idea for life, but now I know - I want to create unusual films showing your love. Work, if I can call what I do, came not by choice, but by passion. I love creating digital pictures, both moving and classic photos. You won't find typical, classic wedding movies here. I love going beyond wedding canons and filming outdoors. Let's create something special together!
Member WEVSY.COM since March 14, 2018


Poland AwardBest Filmmaker3rd place 2023
Poland AwardBest Highlights1st place 2022
Poland AwardBest Walk1st place 2022
Poland AwardBest Sound Producer2nd place 2022
AwardBest Walk4th place 2022
Spain AwardContest 2023Judge