About me

Price range:Premium
My cameras which I use: Sony Mirrorless.
Welcome, I’m Meryll de Gordon, a wedding cinematographer based in France. I put all my heart and my energy to create unique and different films. By taking the cinema’s visual and narrative codes, framing techniques and editing, I create artistic and cinematic wedding films. I capture moments in life, tears and laughter, I travel, I get inspired, I listen, I create and take apart, all this to give a meaning to movies.
Today I have my own style, it has become a job, but it is and will stay my passion. I love my work this much because I include a fundamental factor, the human factor.
I travel around the world, as long as you are a little crazy and like good things. I choose to cover a limited amount of weddings each year, focusing on quality before quantity. Check my work here : www.gordonweddingfilms.comwww.gordonweddingfilms.com/fr
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Central EuropeAwardBest Video Editor1st place 2022
Central EuropeAwardBest Videographer2nd place 2022
AwardBest Videographer4th place 2022
Romania AwardContest 2023Super-Judge
Italy AwardContest 2023Super-Judge