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Our family’s Christmas Day used to end with a special tale that my mother wrote. It was the best moment of Christmas for all of us. Every year, she wrote about what had happened to us during the whole year. With an incredible sense of humour and an amazing sensitivity, she made us both cry and laugh for more than 20 years.
My mother passed away when I was 18.
Next Christmas were the saddest ever.
One year later, I wanted to continue with her lovely tradition. Somehow, I wanted to make something different, but keeping the special soul of her Christmas tale. So I came up with this idea: I would make a video.
From then on, every Christmas, I made a special video for my family. At the beginning, it was made with a small amateur videocamera. I had no computer then, so I had to use an old VHS player for the editing, recording our images directly from the TV, while using a CD player for the soundtrack. Marta (my girlfriend back then) read in a nearly complete darkness what I wrote for the voice-over, and that was it.
Some years later, somebody knew about my family videos, and asked if I could do something similar for a 50th Birthday Party. It was my first professional order.
I also began shooting weddings or making videos for companies, just for fun. My actual job then was “Managing Director” in a Company which had nothing to do with videos.
On 2007 I decided to quit my job. Everybody said I was a fool, but I just wanted to try: making videos was/is my passion. I created my own site, but I had no professional name, so I asked my father:
- Dad, I need a special name for my company. It must reflect where this comes from, it must be a tribute for Mum.
“En su nombre”, he said, which means “In the name of her”. I took the first part:“En su” (In the name of).
So many years later, this is what we do for a living. Marta, my wife, works with me, and we have two amazing daughters. From time to time, they ask about their lost grandmother. Who was she? What she was like?
I may not be as talented as she was, but there I go, giving all my passion and all my hard work, looking for new adventures, just like the little boy in the picture above, as long as you leave an empty white paper on my desk and ask me to write a special tale on it.
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