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What happened to WEVA.PRO and why we moved to the new WEVSY.COM domain

January 9, 2023
Dear friends and colleagues.

Now false information about our resource from the former partner of the site Dmitry Sedov (aka Dim Seedow, aka Voronov, aka Zhuravlev) has begun to spread actively.

Let's put everything in its place once and for the last time.

You all perfectly remember our old name WEVA. So we want to clarify that we had to change the name of the site and rebrand it, due to the fact that Sedov stole all the finances from the project and deceived the partners. He also had access to the WEVA.PRO domain.

He states that WEVSY is a clone of WEVA. I will dispel this myth and lie.

WEVSY is still the same WEVA website. No one copied it, no one transferred your accounts or videos. They are as they were and remained on our site. The site just changed its name for the reason stated above. All those contests that were held in previous years under the name WEVA remained on the site, since they were held here.

Dmitry Sedov is now not involved in the life of the site and has nothing to do with it because he spoke negatively about colleagues from Europe and America, stole the project's finances. And we want to note that he was just a speaker of our project.

Now Sedov, taking advantage of the fact that he still has access to the WEVA domain, is trying to make a copy of the original site.

He just makes a clone of our original site on Russian hosting.

The developer and owner of the site WEVA and WEVSY are the same person. And Sedov has nothing to do with this.

Sedov is now trying to deceive all the videographers and the jury of our contests. He constantly writes various posts on his social networks and then deletes them.

Sedov in his posts calls Europeans and Americans words that I don't even want to repeat. And he says that these are his main enemies. And immediately realizing what he wrote, he deletes his posts, fearing responsibility to all of you. He also takes fake screenshots from our social networks and posts things that never happened. The originals of our posts are still on our Instagram and Facebook.

You yourself perfectly see that we openly talk about everything with you, do not hide anything and do not delete our posts. Since we have nothing to hide and lie to you.

WEVSY is your favorite WEVA, but without Sedov, who turned out to be a thief and a traitor.

Analyze the information and draw your conclusions.

Peace to all, friends.
November 1, 2022
In 2016, the WEVA.PRO website was launched. The site began to be managed in equal shares by 2 people, one of them was Дмитрий Воронов, Dmitry Sedov (Dario Rossi - photo artificial intelligence, Dim Seedow, Dmitry Voronov and so on). The WEVA.PRO website code was 80% copied from the Belarusian project (the project is currently closed). Dmitry was responsible for communicating with the outside world (mainly contests). The WEVA.PRO domain was registered to him.

In 2018, Dmitry Sedov moved to Crimea, which was annexed by Russia in 2014. And after February 24, 2022, when Russia invaded Ukraine, Dmitry Sedov (Дмитрий Воронов) became very active on the Russian social network VK (below are the screenshots: original in Russian and English translation):
At the end of February, Dmitry withdrew absolutely all the money from the site's account. This account was used to pay for the domain and hosting of WEVA.PRO. He also owed money to his partner. And disappeared for 8 months.

After Dmitry was active in VK, WEVA.PRO users began to write unpleasant things to him and he began to delete them from the site. After that, his account on the WEVA.PRO website was deactivated and Dmitry stopped participating in the life of the site.

Dmitry Sedov has already cleaned up some comments and photos. He also wrote a Facebook post (was deleted) about his importance in this mortal world.

What will happen next with WEVSY.COM

We are going to develop the project further on a new domain. For example, as in previous years, we will launch contests in the near future.

All PRO-accounts continue to be valid.

All our social media continue to function. By the way, subscribe if you are not with us yet: Instagram, Facebook, YouTube.

We oppose war and do not accept any discredit on a national basis.

We also know that Dmitry is going to launch his new website on the WEVA.PRO domain. From November 1, 2022, we no longer have any relation to WEVA.PRO.