Award Party 2023
Live broadcast
Videographer Vasileios Tsirakidis

Videographer Vasileios Tsirakidis

About me

Price range:Premium
My cameras which I use: Sony Mirrorless, GoPro Action Cam, DJI Drone.
There is nothing in our work about perfection , everything is about guiding feelings and emotions and make the audience feel the heat of the moment .
Loving working abroad and traveling to Mykonos Santorini crete Paros Chios Athens But alos abroad like Dubai Italy France and anywhere around the wolrd .


Greece AwardBest Videographer2nd place 2022
Greece AwardBest Colorist2nd place 2022
Greece AwardBest Wedding Highlights2nd place 2022
Greece AwardBest Sound Producer4th place 2022
Russia AwardContest 2022Judge
Spain AwardContest 2022Super-Judge